ITID budget meeting

ITID met on Wednesday 04/19/17 to go over the upcoming budget and reflect on the current budget.
Much of the discussion was over keeping work in house or contract it out.
Don Rinzel had this to say about some of the current and future spending “This is what I was mentioning earlier about the carryover. “We have, I believe, $800,000 in canal capital projects to replace culverts, and we have a half a million in canal maintenance. We don’t think we’re going to spend all of that this year. We will carry some of that over. Although it looks like a lot of money, there are some projects coming up later in the year that will be using some of that.”
When speaking of the park he pointed out that the utility fund had $3 million but only $1.9 had been legally cleared so far for the park and the rest would need to be cleared. The total budget for the fiscal year is $13,481,674, so far they have spent just over $4 million, $714,000 in encumbrances, leaving approx. $8.7 million not yet spent. It is anticipated some of that will be rolled over for ongoing projects in the next coming fiscal year.

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